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    Dear RS players. From 00:00 on 31st March, 2018, some new items will be available in the Rare Token Store, including Ban Hammers, Balancing wand and more OSRS gold. Are you interested in any new items? Because the number of these new rares is limited and they offer at a special early bird price.


    Be sure to grab them and show off to your friends! You can also turn to RSGOLDFAST to buy cheap RS 3 gold for help to gain your favorite ones.What are the new items in the Rare Token Store?The following new rares are available in the Rare Item Store and Treasure Hunter.Ban Hammers: Main and off hand weapon, switches between T1 and T70 versions.Twang crossbows: Main and off hand, T1 and T70 versions.


    Balancing wand: give you a unique walk, run and idle animations, T1 and T70 versions.Map hat: A handy travel guide.Potion hat: A cosmetic hat and you can color it to one of 16 different colors.Chic Scarf: Help you become the hippest dude/dudette in town.Lucky coin: New idle animation, seethis vine clipof it in action.Hype Train: Follower pet, the smoke turns blue and purple and the train gets more excited!RSGOLDFAST shows you how to get your favorite new rares.Are you eager for one for more new rares? Look, the Ban Hammers look like two wooden mallets, that Potion Hat is colorful, the Chic Scarf is really fashion.


    Now you can get them by following ways:1. Be a member of Runescape. Then you can get two Keys a day instead of one. 2. Playing the game to gain more Keys and use them to claim in-game items. If you need RS 3 gold for sale to gather more Keys, just come to RSGOLDFAST. 3. From 00:00 UTC on 31st March until 23:59 on 4th April, 2018, you can get an increased token.Please gain the new items you like as soon as possible. Whenever you are in need of RS 3 gold, rs 2007 accounts to make the journey of getting new items smoothly, RSGOLDFAST must be your best choice. We offer cheap RS 3 gold with reasonable price, fast delivery and best services!

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